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 We started fourgreenfields in 2004 from the notion that the market was overrun with products that fell short in three areas:  function, durability, and aesthetics.  We felt, and still feel, that to significantly compromise any one of these three would yield a product unworthy of our clients’ expectations.  We pride ourselves on the fact that we are a local, custom, client-driven business and our emphasis on quality is what allows us to continuously provide an outstanding and extraordinary level of service.  Our shop is small and focused which translates to a deliberate pace and an attention to detail uncommon in the woodworking industry.  We tackle all sizes of projects and view them through the same lens:  the $5000 kitchen and the $25000 kitchen are built to the same exacting standard; the additional expense is likely due to its size and its additional features.  And while we certainly see the bulk of our work through the design and construction of kitchens we are always elated to start dialogue toward the development of timeless, custom furniture.  There are countless instances when clients have found a product they like only to find it is inappropriately sized, colored, or built.  We enjoy taking the idea and making it theirs, specific to their needs and more durably constructed.   

Our philosophy is to provide the highest level of customer service while building products that are at the same time durable, functional, and beautiful.  We also know that in the construction of anything there is an impact.  And so we strive, in every endeavor, to be ultra-conscious of that footprint.  All the lumber we use is FSC certified, our finishing system is free of hazardous air pollutants, and we even keep the scrap around for winter heat in the shop wood stove…we waste only what we have to.  We also buy local from a business less than fifteen minutes from our door and make a continuous effort to travel by car only when necessary.  It all adds up to a commitment we make that transcends a simple cabinet, a dresser, or a bookcase.   

When you make the choice to start a relationship with us you are rewarded with a process you are intimately involved in from start to finish.  From the initial meeting to the delivery of your investment you will speak with only one person thus eliminating costly miscommunication.  And to keep the level of excellence high the same person will purchase the lumber, construct and finish the piece, and install or deliver it to you.  While this may limit our ability to rapidly move through a project we know it also sets us apart and allows us to cater specifically to our clientele.  

We hope you find exactly what you need in your search, whether we are involved or not, and look forward to the possibility of working with you. 


Thank you for your time and interest.   

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 Jonathan Lehman



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By Mel and Eleanor Cooper

:: See their Kitchen ::

"It wasn't easy deciding who should do our cabinets. We had some very good choices that varied on costs, styles and personalities. Jonathan seemed the least likely; he had no showroom and few references; we had to go to his own kitchen to see his cabinets. But when it came to making a decision, it wasn't his handiwork in wood that convinced us; it was his craft with words. He wrote us a personal letter and in it he related directly to us. We felt this was someone unique.  

And that’s what we got in the cabinets too—something personal, unique, that related directly to us. He designed each unit to fit not only the space but our particular needs and even sized for our stuff, like the extra long rolling pin or the large heavy pots. He took the time to listen to us and he gave us time to “try out” the basics and see if we wanted changes before we made the final decisions. Even down to the choice of specific pieces of wood, he took the time to find a piece that was just right and looked splendid, even with notches and imperfections in the right places.  

When it came to deciding on hardware for the pulls, Mel and I had just run out of steam on making decisions. We had no experience with pulls and so we asked his advice. He was reluctant at first but eventually he guided us to just the right ones.  

When I found some pantry hardware in a catalogue he loaned us and asked about it, he took us to a customer where he had just installed one. We ordered it and Jonathan made the cabinetry to fit it right it the middle of everything. We were hoping for what we got . You don’t see it anywhere else. The feel of it is so different and it feels like us.  Every drawer contributes to the system and nothing is frivolous. It has functionality and beauty. We use our kitchen everyday and it gets lots of wear. There was one stretch of trim that didn’t go up for quite a long time, but that was alright with us because as long as there was one piece unfinished, we knew we'd see Jonathan again."


The Lehman Family

:: See their kitchen ::


After many long hours of contemplation and research in searching out a decor for our kitchen we came back to the beginning: clear-coated cherry in a very straightforward style. While there were certainly more trendy options in both color and style we wanted furniture that didn't scream 1987 or three years later was already showing its age. With two small children and a space that was open to the entire ground floor we were looking for cabinetry that was easily repaired while being beautiful and warm. Cherry provided an heirloom quality while a simple clear-coat allowed for any scratches to be quickly sanded and refinished. Maple dovetailed drawers with hidden, soft-close slides provided for the highest level of durability while remaining pleasing to the eye. And we included simple touches like the gargoyle bottle opener and art from our neighbor to give it just the right amount of personality.


By Jim and Colleen Burer

:: See their Kitchen ::

"The one thing that impresses us the most is your commitment to customer satisfaction. As we've remodeled our house over the past several years, I was beginning to think guys with this kind of passion for what they do and eagerness to please no longer existed ... or at least were way outside our price range. Your pleasant attitude and willingness to build us what we desired is in our experience truly second to no other."

Card Catalog
Over the course of nearly ten years I had been searching for an old card catalog or apothecary cabinet but only found one and the price tag was astronomical. A rare window of free time yielded the opportunity to fabricate one that would end up functioning as an entertainment center. The twenty drawer unit actually houses six large drawers. The finish is lightly distressed and reflects a multi-step process that gives the piece an aged look.

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